Edens Benton, Inc. - Residential & Commercial Marine and Site Development Contractor

In 1956 Mr. Robert Edens began Edens Construction to provide water control solutions for the blossoming agricultural community in the Glades area. From day one of providing pump stations and culverts for the agricultural interests in the area, Mr. Edens’ focus on integrity, quality, reputation, and community quickly led to a business with established success. This allowed for the purchase of the South Bay property in the early 1970s still home to our shop and maintenance facilities today. The purchase of the South Bay property came with the need to expand Edens services, so roadway work, paving, and utility installations quickly followed. As the provided services expanded, so did the Edens team with the next generation of ownership coming on board as Mrs. Brenda Edens Tyson and Mr. Dennis Miller joined the Edens team in the 1970s. Under Mrs. Tyson’s and Mr. Miller’s ownership, Edens remained a pillar of the community moving into the 2000s. As the economic downturn of the mid-2000s set in, Edens adapted and evolved to the times through a renewed focus on public works projects; in the educational (Palm Beach County School District), public services (Martin County Fire Rescue), and environmental remediation (USACE and SFWMD) arenas. The new focus on public works projects also coincided with the addition of the third generation of Edens to join the team when Mr. Joshua M. Crawford finalized his education at the University of Florida and came back to South Florida to join the Edens team and continue to strengthen the legacy that his grandfather began so many years ago. Throughout the years, Mr. Crawford led Edens Construction to new heights, adding the Stuart, FL office location and expanding the geographic footprint of the business. In 2022, “Edens Construction” acquired Southwest Florida based “Benton and Sons Construction” to add the marine construction sector to their scope of services and create “Edens Benton, Inc.”.  With the combination of the Benton family’s decades of marine experience and Edens decades of civil experience, Edens Benton is a prominent civil and marine contractor, driven by passion and commitment for excellence in every endeavor. 

With over 65 years in business, Edens Benton is proud to have forged a reputation as a leader in the construction industry, with an unwavering dedication to innovation and client satisfaction. From the construction of residential docks and seawalls to the development of schools and levees, our expertise spans the entire spectrum. Edens Benton brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts who carry the same vision and are driven by the same unwavering commitment to quality.